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about me

Hello! I am Julia Erusova. I was born in St.petersburg, Russia where I grew up and worked until I moved to Germany.  Now I am working at #theater11bremen (Integration durch Kunst e.V ) in Bremen, Germany. As both director and designer. Theatre is my main passion as I have spend my entire life in its walls. 

However I also enjoy other artistic forms of expression. For  more then 10 years I have been working on photo and video shoots and this hobby has definitely grown into a mastered craft. My shootings are always carefully created and individually structured. I enjoy all sorts of photography such as: portraits, theatre and event photography as well as landscape. When working with clients I like to walk around the city and take my time to create an interesting shoot as well as a relax and pleasant work atmosphere.

I also create videos:  promotional, portfolio, teasers and trailers for performances an d events, journalistic and documentary films. I shoot and edit the video myself. My main profession as theatre director comes in handy and is exactly what distinguishes my work from others. As a director I know what it means to create a story, see the entire picture and convey it in the most fitting style.

Another one of my skills is graphic design. Web sites, posters, booklets, flyers, programs, banners as well as social media layout and content.

If you like my works and want to create something fresh for yourself or your team/company - just contact me! I live and work in Germany, I often go to Russia and am spontaneous enough to meet you anywhere in the world to create a project with you.

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Bremen, Deutschland

Saint-Petersburg, Russia

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